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To the Parent

  1. Every parent is involved in the child's early learning experiences beginning with the first words and number concepts. This parental involvement should continue throughout the child's schooling years. The time you spend with your child can have a profound effect on his / her education and academic performance.

  2. 'The Singapore Maths Teacher' provides you with powerful tools to help you stay involved in your child's math education in the primary school years. Our lessons can never replace what you can do for your child as parent and mentor. Our lessons, at best, are only tools to help you continue your role as the best teacher your child has.

  3. If you are doing home schooling this site will be of use to you as time is of paramount importance to you.

  4. The 'Model-Drawing' method may appear to be a simple strategy at the beginning stages when only two or three quantities are involved. However, its real benefit will be realized when dealing with difficult and challenging problems, especially those involving decimals, fractions, percentages and ratio at Primary 5 and Primary 6.

  5. Having solved a problem once, the child is usually more confident and eager to search for other ways of finding the answer.

  6. Model Drawing is only one of the strategies of problem solving, therefore you should also explore the other methods which are explained in the section 'OTHER PROBLEM-SOLVING STRATEGIES'.

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