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To the Teacher

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

  1. We recommend the use of a large pull-down screen and an LCD projector in the classroom for proper display and discussion in the class. The projector can be mounted / placed on a mobile trolley for wheeling from class to class if resources are limited. If your school has a room / rooms with LCD projection facilities it would be great.

  2. Also required will be a broadband connection for the teacher's laptop. If you have a good wireless network, it could be used.

  3. The 'Model-Drawing' method may appear to be simple and quite obvious at the beginning stages when only two or three quantities are involved. However, its real benefit will be realized when dealing with difficult and challenging problems, especially those involving decimals, fractions and ratio at the Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels.

  4. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the lesson presentation so that you are able to clarify any doubts that pupils might have during the actual lesson.

  5. After pupils have understood the model drawing approach to solve a particular problem, ask them to find other ways of obtaining the answer. You will be pleasantly surprised at what children can come up with.

  6. The students will benefit greatly from the problem creation exercise. Each student will have to solve his or her self-created problem before giving it to a partner to solve. Use the overhead projector to display some of these problems for the class to solve during each lesson.

  7. Please remember, we want to reinforce in every child a strong belief in herself or himself. So use every opportunity to encourage and support your pupils.

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